The 3-day Shortcut to Training Yourself for Constant Success

Beyond Success Summit

The 3-day Shortcut to Training 

Yourself for Constant Success

Aug 9-11,2022, 9 am (ET)

Learn exactly what you need to think, do, 
and feel to get the life you want...

Learn exactly what you need to think, do, and feel to get the life you want...

With the inspiration and insights you need to make success your everyday reality.

Dan Mangena

How to use your Money DNA to manifest abundance

Greg Reid

Accountability and responsibility

Craig Handley

How to achieve anything

David Neagle

How to Make a Quantum Leap: Open the Hidden Doors to Countless Opportunities for Attracting Leads, Closing More Sales, and Exponentially Growing Your Business

Jeff Lerner

Unlock Your Potential

Ana Melikianl

 The Happiness Fallacy: Uncovering the mindset’s blind spots that hold us back

Anthony Garcia

Catapulting Commissions: SMART goals aren't so Smart

Mellissa Seaman

Tap Your 4 Types of Intuitive Genius

Madeleine Wyke Silva

5 stages of a business growing from $0 to $1M (let's make scaling easy!)

nona djavid

 Quantum Leap into Your Higher Self

Josh McCartney

How to memorise anything in 20 minutes

 Maii Vu

Secrets of Quantum Growth & Using Energy Point of Attraction to Scale Up!

Rennie Gabriel

The Three Secrets of the Wealthy

Murshidah Said

The Power Of Giving

Debbie Allen

Expert Positioning

Stephen Krempl

Positively Negative

Beejel Parmar

Why Your Kids & Teens MUST Learn about MBA (Money, Business, Attitude) Before It's Too Late

Siddiqi H Ray

The Three Keys To Making an Impact Online

Justin Cunningham

Reverse Success - the secret to meeting your goals

Dr. Pamela Moss

3 Secrets to Align Your Mind for Your Goal

Marie -Elizabeth Mali

Do Your P.A.R.T. To Create Connection at Home, at Work, and in Your Community

Mark Sephton

Why Alignment is key to a life of fulfilment 

Nick Nanton


And many more...

“Everything they touch turns to gold”.

“Everything they touch 
turns to gold”.

You’ve heard that expression before, right?

It describes a person who moves through life getting everything they want. It happens easily and effortlessly for them.

A constant flow of more and more success.

Someone in your life may even come to mind who fits that description.

You wish it was you, don't you?

We all do! That's human nature!

Well, we already know that the more successful you feel,
the more successful you are!

That's why you're going to want the practices we teach in this FREE Summit. You'll gain the knowledge you need for this to become second nature to you.

When you train yourself to feel successful all the time, 

 success is what you call in as experience.

But the opposite is also true.

It may be one of the reasons for your lack of success so far...

Are you judging yourself by your current results? Feeling unsuccessful in life? Frustrated?

If the answer is yes, you’re going to create more of that experience!

It’s a hard truth, I know! And we all do it.

The good news is that it’s completely doable to make sure this doesn’t happen to you!

Our feeling states alone aren’t enough to do it though. You also need to know how to put the right action steps and daily practices in place right away.

This will begin moving you towards better and better levels of success.

That’s why we’ve included all the topics on the matter in this complimentary summit.

Success will become your middle name;)

Ready to position yourself where you need to be to make all the success you want a part of your reality?

You'll gain the action steps and

mindset hacks to achieve:

  • ​Success in relationships (including the relationship you have with yourself)
  • Success in your business or career and finances (even marketing tips!)​
  • Success in your energy levels and how much happiness you feel
  • Success in having unshakeable confidence and influence with others

So that everything YOU touch turns to gold…

With topics covering:

  • Breaking Through Mindset Limitations
  • Reframing Your Approach to Happiness
  • Creating Deeper Connection in Your Relationships
  •   Removing the Blockages to Success
  • ​ Navigating Uncertainty
  • ​Becoming a Magnet for Opportunity
  • ​ How to Trust Your Intuition
  • ​Why Authenticity is the Key to Self-Esteem
  • ​Taking On the Attitude of a Wealthy Person
  • ​Building an Online Presence for Your Business
  • ​The Best Investments That AREN’T Stocks, Bonds, or Mutual Funds
  • ​Marketing: Get More Leads and Traffic to Your Site
  •  Catapulting Commissions
  • ​How to Impress and Influence Others
  • ​ Time Management Secrets​

And more...

You’ll be able to apply this knowledge to anything you want to achieve success with. And it will work!

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